Spiritual Fitness – Four Eyes

Jakub Jansa

Spiritual Fitness – Four Eyes – the forth and the last part of video quaterion made by Jakub Jansa (*1989) is a physical practise video developed for Academy of Art, Architecture and Design in Prague for his masters thesis. Videos are presenting a complex self- development programe, in a form of public seminary. It is based on three video lessons (the first part talks about the development of self-confidence , second one is about the strengthening cooperation in working groups and third is summary). Lessons could be purchased in special video cases, which were part of the gallery installation.

Directed by: Jakub Jansa
Camera by: Kryštof Hlůže, Kryštof Melka
Cast: Marie Jansová, William Valerián,
Agáta Nowaková, Petr Jakeš, Petr Hák
Voice: Dirk Wright
Sound: Jaromír Hávorník, Kateřina Zochová